The Red Zone server has three different types of zone across Chernarus. Red zones, Green zones and Grey zones. Rules inside these zones must be adhered to at all times. Kill logs will be running on the server and those killing when they shouldn’t be shall be removed from the whitelist permanently.

Reporting Rulebreakers

To report a wrong doing please DM @TehRedZone on twitter with a time/date, explanation and video evidence. Without all these things we cannot act on any wrongdoing.

The Green Zones

Green zones are pacified areas of the map. Strictly no attacking whether it be by gun, melee or fist. You are not allowed to kill there for any reason. You are not allowed to have your camp in a Green zone but are allowed in all other zones. Items spawned in Green zones are first come first serve. Any confrontations from Grey and Red zones cease if a Green zone is entered, during a firefight or not. These zones are to be treated as safe havens to meet others, trade goods and roleplay without risk.

The Grey Zones

Grey zones are everywhere on the map that is not red or green. These zones permit justified killing and roleplay with risk. All killing must be initiated through verbal confrontation first. You may steal from others by use of force as long as your intentions are made clear. For example you could tell someone to drop their backpack or gun and should they decline to do so or run away then this would be ground to kill or injure as you see fit. Raising a weapon at someone (by mistake or not) is initiation and grounds to be killed. Use your common sense. If someone threatens you then you are justified to retaliate in any way you can to keep yourself and others around you alive. All life holds value and you should treat your life in game as such.

The Red Zones

Red zones are hostile areas of the map. Everything is permitted in the red zones without any need for justification whatsoever. You may kill, steal and roleplay as you see fit. You are not safe here. You will die here. Welcome to the red zone.