There are characters that leave a lasting impression on the history of The Red Zone. Characters whom others remember and some may cherish.

Characters Edit

Bobby Wyatt M - Slightly less violent younger brother of Ricky Wyatt
Cooper M - Ran the Coagulation Station blood bank.
Corleone Bros M - Inseperable brothers and flirtatious spaghetti business owners.
Desmond M 32 Blind Man and farmer at the Beacon/Outpost
Frank M - Loner. A bit insane, but who isn't?
JJ M - The self-righteous and charismatic leader of the Outpost.
King Bob M - Clinically insane man who believed he was a king
Lillith F - Ran the Coagulation Station blood bank.
Mya Green F 16 Young girl. Her father left her because of her bloodlust.
Ricky Wyatt M - Extremely violent and unstable gumbo salesman.
Spark F 15 Sweet young girl in training at the Outpost.

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